Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Switching from smoking to vaping - A lifestyle change

Vaping changed My Life

I smoked cigarettes for 22 years (started in college). While advised to stop smoking by my physician, I failed after numerous tries. I struggled with products such as gums, patches, inhalers, books, nicotine replacement therapy and cold turkey. Unlucky me not any of those ways worked for me. I was successful in quitting on March, 2015 after buying a superiorquality e-cigarette starter kit and some non-tobacco flavored e- juices. I was able to stop cigarettes in about 1 month of using the E-cigarette. I am now approximately 7months tobacco free with no craving for tobacco cigarettes. I never really thought that this would happen but am so glad that it did. Making the switch to the electronic cigarettes from the tobacco cigarettes actually was fairly easy. I am healthier now and I am vaping instead of smoking.  My lungs do not feel blocked up, I am coughing less.  I am now a vapor enthusiastic and pleased to join a vapers group in may area that comprises of Ex-smokers. This group helps others who are looking to get off of tobacco cigarettes. We think it is important to break the stigmatization of smokers and to alleviate the burden of health risks and high costs of smoking tobacco.

I wanted to share my story with you as a being who was never going to stop smoking cigarettes but who really succeeded in making the change with a harmless alternative. Thanks to eCig Starter Kits that offer you with the newest e-cig technology and the safest e-liquid with fulfillment and changing my health and my life for better.

Quitting tobacco cigarettes and altering your way of life is becoming a gradually more sizzling topic. The benefits are huge for those who desire a higher quality of life. This is the time to switch from those tobacco cigarettes and start vaping. Here are some benefits that you will see after making the switch to cigarettes.

1. Smokers who switch to e-cigs report improvements in smell, taste, stamina and the amount of coughing they experience.

2. Switching to e-cigarettes will permit you to lead a healthier lifestyle. When you build the right life options such as work out and eating healthy, you will rapidly find new liveliness to achieve your goals.

3. Cigarette smoking harms your capacity to smell and taste. Switching to e-cigarettes will permit you to value the delicacy of food because your smell and taste will come back to normal.

4. After swapping to e-cigs, your teeth will no longer be stained by tar. Feel free to show others your smile.

5. One of the bad side effects of smoking is continually dealing with hair that smells like an ashtray. Cigarette smoke gets and stays on your hair and clothes. Switching to e-cigs will help hair smelling fresh.

6. Smoking tobacco messes up your skin. Heavy smokers usually develop more wrinkles on their face at an early age. The earlier you give up, the more likely your skin will get better.

7. E-cigs are more reasonable than tobacco cigarette smoking. Lots of people who make the switch from smoking to vaping are surprised by how much money they are able to save, especially in the long run.

8. Vaping is acceptable in many of the public places where smoking is strictly banned. This is because there is no nasty odor created and the vapor is safe to inhale by those around you.

9. E-cigs are safer. None of the thousands of mystery cancer causing chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes exits in E-cigarettes. When you switch to vaping with e-cigarettes, you are no longer exposing yourself and those around you to those toxins.

These are benefits of choosing vaping over smoking. Not only is vaping superior for you and your health, but it is also accepted in public, it is better for the atmosphere, and it is much better for those around you.

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