Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tips to Clean Electronic Cigarette Clearomiser Melbourne

Though electronic cigarettes are considered as best alternative to traditional cigarettes, it requires maintenance since it is not thrown away after using. Thus in order to get good smoking experience, it becomes essential to keep electronic cigarette clearomiser Melbourne clean.

Why Clearomiser requires maintenance? It is because, in due course of time, the component collects dust particles. This impurities may affect the e-liquid quality present inside. Hence it spoils the entire e-vaping enjoyment. Moreover life span of clearomiser also gets reduced if it is used along with dirt and dust. Cleaning ensures quality puffing and also neglects side effects.

But when does your electronic cigarette clearomiser Melbourne requires cleaning? When you can get the burnt taste or smell while puffing or when vapor production is poor, you also feel difficulties to draw air while smoking then it is time to change atomizer.

Cleaning Methods:

Just remove the clearomizer and battery from e-cigarette fittings. Later carefully blow the clearomizer by keeping its end near your mouth. Keep the battery above paper towel and whip the dust. Blow twice or more if required to remove dust near atomizer. This cleaning method is simple and can be done by DIY’s with ease.

Soaking Method:

This is considered to be the best method to clean clearomiser and used by many smokers. You can soak the component in pure water for an hour. Secondly use blow out strategy to remove additional water and leave it under soaking for another two hours. Make the clearomizer to dry for at least 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can utilize the spare component if you have.

By using warm water for rinsing, it will fix certain small issues in electronic cigarette clearomiser Melbourne. This hot water rinsing brings fast results than soaking. Do follow any of these methods and keep the clearomizer dust-free.

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